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09 Aug: Pick of the Week: Kurukshetra

Rockline Venkatesh - one of Sandalwood cinema's most prolific producers always thinks big. And with Kurukshetra he has outdone himself. With a stellar cast and a big name director, Kurukshetra is our pick of the week.

So what makes Kurukshetra so epic? Well first of all the massive budget and the larger than life sets. The special effects make it a bigger deal.

Then, there's the story - a retelling of the Mahabharatha from the perspective of Duryodhana. Darshan plays the protagonist - hard as nails, with his own philosophy of right and wrong. He's up against the mighty Pandavas who are wily as they are strong. There's a stellar supporting cast with Arjun Sarja, et all. Then there's the story of Abhimanyu, Karna and other beloved characters. What motivates them? What is their take on the Mahabharatha and why did they make the choices that they made. This is the premise of the movie.

Also, don't miss Ravichandran as Krishna in this mega extravaganza. To book your tickets, click on the link below.

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